Chuck at Church


In order to keep things moving, we cut this scene and summarized it a single sentence.


Sunday, July 27

Chuck and Jack Molinsky sat together in the morning worship service, but their hearts and minds could not have been further apart. Jack was anxious to hear from God, to get confirmation of his calling. He sang all the songs with passion, and Chuck had to smile when he saw Jack pull a notebook out during Glen’s sermon. Brad took notes, so naturally Jack had to, too.

 Chuck couldn’t get Bobbi off his mind. He had tried once again to get her to come with him, but she had turned him down. He offered to come in late and leave early, or just come for the sermon if the music was too much, but once more, she said she wasn’t up to it. He never realized what a special blessing it was to be in church with his wife. Now he wondered if he would ever get to enjoy that again.

“You’re wallowing again,” he thought to himself. “God gave you that little boost Friday night. He is listening. Hang onto that.” He wished he could find the same kind of boost for Bobbi. “Sermon, Chuck. Focus.” He glanced down at his Bible. He wasn’t even in the right book.

When the service ended, Jack asked, “Do you care if I talk to Glen for a minute? I want to tell him about law school.”

“Sure,” Chuck said. “Take your time.”

“Aren’t you coming? It’s not a big secret or anything?”

“I’ll be right there,” Chuck said. He made his way to the front pew and sat for several minutes, trying to clear his mind. Then he took a deep breath and began to pray, “Lord God in heaven, she can’t handle this. And she won’t ask for help. Is there anything I can do?” Chuck felt a hand on his shoulder, and raised his to see Glen Dillard.

“Can I pray with you, Chuck?”

“Always. Bobbi had a biopsy Friday. The doctor is almost certain it’s breast cancer.”

“Oh no,” Glen whispered. “How is she?”

“About the same. I’m not sure it’s really sunk in with her.” Chuck glanced around behind them. “She didn’t want us to tell anyone outside the family.”

“I won’t say anything,” Glen assured him.

“I’m not worried about that. I’ve already told my secretary. Bobbi needs people praying for her more than she realizes, but she would die before she would ask for help.”

“Have you heard from Shannon?”

“No. That’s wearing on her, too.”

“No doubt. You know Laurie and I will do anything we can. We’re available day or night.”

“Thank you Glen, but I honestly don’t know what you can do.”

“Bobbi may not even know what she needs right now.”

“That’s a real possibility. Hey, Jack wanted to talk to you.”

“Well, he told me I should come up here and talk to you first.”

“He’s a good kid,” Chuck said.

“He’s something special. Keep an eye on him.”