Jack’s Discovery


I decided to go a different route and keep most of Jack's plan a secret.


Jack jumped up from his chair and met his dad in the doorway of the study. “You’re back!  What’d they say?”

“It was no big deal. They’re going to make me do a stress test, and I got a couple of prescriptions.” Chuck reached over to shake Gavin’s hand.

“That’s a relief,” Jack said.

“Yeah. Listen, thank you guys for taking the lead on this thing with Shannon. I was kind of out of it today.”

“Glad to do it,” Gavin said. “Since you’re back, and none the worse for wear apparently, I’m going to get Rita and get out of here. You guys need some peace.”

“What I need is something to eat,” Chuck said. “Jack, you coming?”

“I’ll be right there, Dad.” Jack watched his father and uncle walk out of the study, then turning back to the computer, he pulled up the cell phone calls for his sister’s line. The last call was from five-thirty this morning. He typed in the number on the site’s reverse look-up directory. The number belonged to Dylan Snider. He had been Shannon’s accomplice.

Jack sighed. If he hadn’t pulled the spark plug wires from Shannon’s car, she wouldn’t have called that slimeball for help. He had taken a bad situation and made it worse, all because he wanted an apology. Why didn’t she call Katelyn or somebody, anybody else? Hearing voices in the entry hall, he closed the browser down. He’d at least let his dad get a night’s sleep before he told him about Dylan.