Relaying the News


In this scene, Chuck takes a phone call from the mission's assistant director and has to tell him what happened to Brad. It didn't move the plot forward so it got the axe.


Chuck was pulling the car around to pick Bobbi up so they could go home when his cell phone rang. “This is Chuck.”

“I’m sorry to bother you, Chuck. This is Ron Moore. Brad’s not in yet, and I can’t get him at home.”

Chuck took a deep breath. “Ron, I’m sorry. Brad was uh… Brad was killed last night a couple of blocks from the mission.”

“Sweet mercy,” Ron whispered. “Chuck, I don’t know what to say…”

“It was a drive-by. He got caught in the crossfire. Jack was with him.”

“I knew something was up. This place was unlocked, and all the lights were on.” Then Ron seemed to regain his composure. “What can we do to help you and your family?”

“We’re okay. Ron, it’s all you now. You gotta keep that place open.”

“Sure, we intend to. Jack’s welcome down here anytime.”

“Thanks, Ron. I don’t know if he can handle that right now. He was pretty torn up last night. Feels like it was his fault somehow.”

“Jack’s a good kid, Chuck. I hate this for him.”

“He’ll be all right. We’ll let you know about arrangements as soon as we have them.”

“Thanks. We’ll be praying for you.”