Chuck at Brad’s Apartment


This scene ended up being unnecessary and the POV is indistinct. Bad writer. Bad.

Chuck Molinsky had spent most of the week settling his son’s affairs. Brad didn’t have much, just his stuff, his car and an insurance policy. He had closed Brad’s bank account, scheduled the utilities to be shut off at the end of the month, and terminated his lease. Until his final bills arrived, the only things left were Brad’s personal things, his Bible and books, and his car.

Chuck was busy boxing up books at Brad’s apartment when his phone rang. “Hey Joel, thanks for calling me back. I need an opinion.”


“I was going to give you first choice with Brad’s things except for his car. I figured I’d give it to Jack.”

“You can give it all to Jack as far as I’m concerned, Dad. I don’t want anything of Brad’s.”

“Some of this you probably gave him. I just figured you might want it for memory’s sake, you know?”

Joel could hear the weariness in his dad’s voice. This had been a long difficult week for him, taking on all these tasks alone. “Dad, you need some help?”

There was a long pause. “It gives me something to do, Joel. Something to focus on.”

“Do you want me to come by there and look through things?”

“Maybe it would be better, for Mom’s sake, if I didn’t carry all this into the house.”

“Sure thing,” Joel answered. “Go ahead and give Jack the car. What about Shannon?”

“She and Jack were sharing a car. She can just have that one outright. That’s fair, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, Dad,” Joel answered, trying to give his dad whatever reassurance he could. “How’s Mom? I haven’t talked to her in a couple of days.”

“Quiet. She hasn’t tried to do too much this week. I’m not worried about her yet.”

“I’ll let Abby know, and stop by on my way home. Is that too late?”

“No, I’ll be here.” Chuck said goodbye and dropped his phone back in his pocket.